Shear connectors for timber-concrete slabs

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Shear connectors for composite structures


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THE TECNARIA SYSTEM: tested and certified according to Eurocode 5

Eurocode 5
(EN1995-1-1) is a
 standard that defines the
regulations pertaining to the design, calculation and execution of timber structures. It is shared by the countries belonging to the European Community and represents an alternative to the various national regulations. It is used in connection with other European standards that establish material characteristics and testing








TECNARIA was the first company in Europe to subject its connectors to accurate experimental analysis according to the standards quoted by Eurocode 5.
Stiffness and strength characteristics of the connector fastened to timber have been experimentally verified at:
- CNR of Florence - Istituto per la Ricerca sul Legno (Wood Research Institute): "Evaluation of the behaviour of Tecnaria connectors in compliance with Eurocode 5 standards" [January 2001].
- Experimental Laboratory for Building Material Testing of the Faculty of Engineering - Institute of Tectonics - University of Padua: "Evaluation of the behaviour of Tecnaria connectors in compliance with Eurocode 5 standards" [March 1995, September 1995, June 1996].

- FC BA Institut Technologique (10, avenue de Saint-Mandé 75012 Paris) Dossier Technique Connecteurs pour planchers mixtes bois – béton (Connectors for composite timber and concrete floors).  Juin 2008.

- CSTB Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bŕtiment – Avis Technique 3/09-603 Plancher mixte bois-béton – Composite wood-concrete floor TECNARIA Juin 2009


The above tests were conducted in compliance with the following standards:

EN 1995-1-1 Eurocode 5. Design of timber structures.

EN 26891 Timber structures. Joints made with mechanical fasteners. General principles for the determination of strength and deformation characteristics.

EN 28970 Timber structures. Testing of joints made with mechanical fasteners. Requirements for wood density.

EN 338 Structural timber. Strength classes.

EN 380/00 Timber structures. Test methods. General principles for static load tests.



The Tecnaria connectors have also been tested at:

University of Trieste - Department of Civil Engineering: "Evaluation of the short- and long-term behaviour of timber-concrete mechanical connections".

A study of the long-term behaviour of the Tecnaria connection system in composite timber-concrete structures in conditions of constant humidity and temperature (creep or viscosity tests) and in conditions of variable humidity, under the action of a service load with plain and light-weight concrete. Test term: 9 months [September 2000].
The connectors have also been subjected to experimental testing at: Universität Leipzig, Institut für Massivbau und Baustofftechnologie (University of Leipzig - German Federal Republic) "Push-out tests with Tecnaria stud connectors in timber-Light weight aggregate concrete composite structures" (November 1999).

Universidade do Minho - Departamento de Engenharia Civil Portugal "Programa de ensaios em vigas mistras madeira-betăo".

In June 2009 Tecnaria has received the technical certification Avis – Technique. Tecnaria products and the whole design method for composite timber and concrete floors have been approved by independent organisation CSTB, Centre Scientifique et Tecnique du Bâtiment (French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building), member of EOTA (European organisation for Technical Approvals)

The dowel and crampons connector is a product covered by European patent.



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